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  • Whales Counted Off US Pacific Coast
  • Scientists have published results of the most comprehensive survey to date of whales, dolphins and porpoises off the United States' west coast.

  • Critical Killer Whale Habitat Identified
  • Researchers propose that two marine areas of British Columbia be legally designated as critical habitat for resident killer whales under Canada's Species at Risk Act (SARA).

  • Whales Threatened by Toxic Chemicals
  • Fire retardant chemicals are accumulating in British Columbia's killer whales at concentrations high enough to likely harm their health.

  • Killer Whales Disturbed by Boats
  • When boats appear in the vicinity, northern resident killer whales spend 18% less time feeding on salmon.

  • Orca Diving Activity Raises Questions
  • Diurnal variations in the diving behaviour of British Columbia killer whales raises questions regarding the possible effects of boat traffic, distribution patterns of salmon, and whether whales rely on vision for capturing prey.

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