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  • Nitrogen is Falling into Remote Lakes
  • People on this planet are producing ten times more nitrogen now than they did a century ago, and some of it ends up in far-flung lakes where it alters aquatic ecology.

  • Culverts Disconnect Fish Streams
  • Half the culverts placed in creeks of Alberta's boreal forest hang in mid-air, preventing fish from travelling upstream.

  • Some Creeks Highly Susceptible to Road Runoff
  • Most of the sediment from forest harvesting that ends up in creeks used for domestic water in British Columbia's Kootenay region originates from logging roads.

  • Ultraviolet-B Radiation Harms Aquatic Life
  • The first quantitative analysis of published studies on ultraviolet-B (UVB) radiation and water-borne life reveals that UVB causes widespread and devastating damage throughout aquatic ecosystems.

  • Agriculture Increases River Flows
  • Clearing forests to grow crops has added to the amount of water that runs off of land into rivers by 2.5% in North America and 6% in Asia over the last three centuries.

  • Number of Lakes in the World
  • The world has 307 million lakes, according to calculations made by an international team of scientists.

  • Number of Reservoirs in the World
  • By building large, engineered dams, humans have added over half-a-million artificial lakes to the world's surface.

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