Record-Setting Weather in Australia

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The lowest temperature recorded in Australia was at Charlotte Pass, New South Wales where it dropped to -23 °C (-9.4 °F) on June 29, 1994.

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Oodnadatta, South Australia reached 50.7 °C (123 °F) on January 2, 1960, setting a record high temperature for Australia.

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With an average of 8,034 millimetres (316.3 inches) of rainfall annually, Bellenden Ker in Queensland is Australia's rainiest place.

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The driest spot in Australia is Troudaninna, South Australia, which gets just 102.9 millimetres (4.05 inches) of rainfall a year, on average.

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The highest wind speed ever recorded in the world was a 408 kilometres per hour (253 miles per hour) wind gust that hit Barrow Island, Australia during Tropical Cyclone Olivia on April 10, 1996. That record-setting wind was accompanied by four other extreme gusts, ranging from 298 to 374 kilometres per hour (185 to 232 miles per hour).

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